RANT: Products I Regret Buying!

Products I Regret Buying


Hi there! Long time, no see! I’ve been MIA for a while but now I’m back with a rant, lol! Long story short, I am a product junkie. Chances are, if you say that I need it, I’m gonna buy it, lol. That said, I’m not going to keep some wack a$$ product around if I can’t use it in some way. Obviously, I believed the hype after specifically being told not to and here we are!  I have 5 foundations that I’ll be talking about and 3 skin care products so let’s get started!

*Disclaimer: While these products didn’t work for me, that’s not to say they will not work for you. These are just the experiences I had while using them. If you loved any or all of these, Great! Use them to your heart’s content, but please note these are just my opinions.

Products I Regret Buying

1.   First up is the Milani Conceal + Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation and Concealer. I’d heard so many great things about this foundation and I just HAD to try it. The drugstore has played me many times before in regard to color matching so I made sure to get the 2 colors I believed would work best but the Spiced Almond (12) shade made me look GREY and the Golden Toffee shade (14) was wayyyyyyy too red for me. I won’t even get into the tragedy of what happened when I mixed them. Also, since I’m no teenager anymore and have smile lines, this foundation instantly settled there and no amount of pressed powder, primer, or baking would solve the problem. So yeah, this was a huge miss for me. Sorry Milani.

2.   L’Oréal Infallible Pro- Matte Foundation…I had the highest hopes for this but damn, Damn, DAAMMNN!!! YouTube had me thinking this was the best thing since Jesus said he was coming back! I have oily skin, no, correction, I have the OILIEST skin of life! I’m greasy like the bottom of the tub of KFC Original recipe! When I tell you that this gave me dry flaky patches on my nose and cheeks and dried out my skin so badly, I’m not kidding! And not top of that, it still ran a bit too warm. I will not be repurchasing this again

3.   Perhaps the most upsetting and soul crushing of all of these is the Re(MARC)able foundation by Marc Jacobs. Sooooo many people had hyped this up to be the best thing ever and, I couldn’t wait to snatch it up. I even wrote a review about how much I initially liked this product here but as I continued to wear this foundation, the worse it got, especially in my smile lines (I hate those things, lol). Now I get it, Mr. Jacobs is a luxury brand and with that in mind, I know it carries the luxury price of $55. Never again, will you get that amount of coin from me without having a product that works much better for my needs. I’ve heard that the Coconut water primer that Marc Jacobs makes is the best primer to use with the foundations, so that could be a way to make it work but realistically, I’m not going to spend money for another product to use with a product that didn’t “wow” me to begin with, but if that’s your choice, then by all means, do you boo!!

4.   Next up is the Josie Maran Vibrancy Foundation Fluid. OK, let me paint the picture: I’m in Sephora (The Mothership) and I’m easily distracted by bright pretty colors and I happened to walk to past this pretty bottle of foundation. So, I pick it up and notice that the names for the colors were super cute, like Reverent, Magical and Fearless…umm, YASSSS, sold! How could I not want a foundation that thinks my complexion is “Magical”? I had been wanting to dabble in the glowy/dewy skin look so I thought this would be the perfect foray into that lifestyle…it wasn’t. I looked like I jumped into a pool of baby oil and lathered Crisco on my face. Not a good look because my skin looked like a wet orange peel. My pores have never felt more disrespected, lol! This unfortunately did not sit well on my skin, regardless of primer. I wanted to love this so much, but alas…our love wasn’t meant to be.


Products I Regret Buying


5.   The last and final foundation that I’ll talk about is the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation (had to use a stock photo because I took the bottles back before I wrote this). I have to admit, I was warned that this oxidized like a muthalova but I wasn’t prepared for the Oompa Loompa-ness that awaited me on the other side of the application:My Life as an Oompa Loompa...  I WAS ORANGE…like the fruit…like a traffic cone…like a Frank Ocean album cover…But I loved everything about this foundation otherwise! The coverage was great, it wore really well and that packaging?! SOLD! But again, I had to take the L handed to me, lol. Moving on…

Products I Regret Buying

6.   L’Oréal Invisible Protect Clear Cool lotion…if ever there were a more fail-tastic product, I have yet to find it, lol! This was so much nope. First of all, it’s not cooling whatsoever, like at all. Then, its leaves you looking greasy…I looked liked Celie from The Color Purple after frying chicken! It also claims to be non-sticky but the crap left me stickier than the floor of a movie theater. Do not buy this! I REPEAT, DO NOT BUY THIS!!

7.   It truly, TRULY pains me to write this but a Sunday Riley product made this list. It’s the Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser. Now, while this wasn’t the worst product I’ve ever used, it did absolutely nothing for my skin. It claims to help reduce large pores and wrinkles, balance oil and even out skin tone. It simply does not. It was essentially the equivalent of splashing plain water on my face…and its costs $45! Not worth it in my opinion.

8.   The last product on my list is the Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid Lotion. Its claims to be break-out free…it is not, lol. The main claim it makes is that it wont break you out…I trusted you Neutrogena! I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU!!!! Of course I tried to make sure it wasn’t me. I used this product for a couple of months, paid attention to the times of the month when I knew I got hormonal breakouts and made sure to use clean hands when applying the product. Still, I’d get these tiny whiteheads (I know, I know…ew…but it had to be said) on my cheeks and forehead that immediately went away when I stopped using this product. Oh and did I mention it made me oily too? This one was a real piece of work.

So you made it though to the end! Good for you! Now, as I said before, these are my own personal experiences I’ve had with these products so don’t think that everything that happened to me with happen to you. Also, If you love one or all of these products and they work really well for you, awesome! I’m glad they do. However, if you’ve never tried them, It’s probably a good idea to get a sample and try things out where you can. Since this is my passion, I rarely get samples because, simply, they don’t photograph as well for the blog posts, lol! Have you ever tried any of these products? How did they work for you? What items do you regret buying? Le me know! Hope you learned something or were at least entertained and I’ll see you later!